Interconnect for deep learning clusters

Enhance competitive advantage by running private ML cluster

without operational complexities

XCloud software was built to provide AI businesses with the option to build a modern cloud experience on or off-prem while avoiding the main challenge of running private clusters.

Compute resources required to train state-of-the-art AI models have grown over 300,000x since 2012 (source). Burgeoning AI businesses not only have to solve typical challenges of any new business but they also have to deal with the associated complexity of computational resources required to deliver reliable AI models at production.

Amid exponentially growing requirements of resources your competitive advantage can be enhanced by running machine learning clusters in a private on-prem or off-prem environments (as opposed to the high cost associated with training models in the cloud).  

AI/ML clusters performance highly depends on latency and bandwidth of a cluster interconnect network.

XCloud currently supports some of the most low latency, high bandwidth interconnect hardware, a smart choice for AI/ML clusters, and with help of our net-ops software our customers are saving $1.5mm+ annually on their cloud costs by building efficient private & hybrid clusters without fear of operational complexities.

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