for Backhaul Networks

Operators to turn their backhaul into Elastic Network


Bring Cloud-Based principles into Backhaul Infrastructure

Freedom of choosing various Hardware Vendors

General Overview

Improved agility in rollout process
Scaling network keeping maintenance simple
Safely share one network with other teams and companies

 XCloud Conductor provides single intuitive web portal for almost all operations of the network infrastructure. Transmission or Network engineers are using XCloud Conductor portal for managing and maintaining the network. They can define tenants (user groups) and assign physical resources of the network switches to that tenants. Tenants can be associated with different teams/departments/products or even with different companies. Basic idea here is that when someone needs either new circuit, new vlan, or to manage existing one – there is no need anymore to request then wait transmission/network team to get that implemented. Tenants now simply define what they need through simple web portal and changes are applied on the network just in about 15 seconds – independently on size or load on the network.

 Tenant resources are securely isolated so one tenant can’t brake service of another one. This simplifies internal procedures, improving change delivery times from days into minutes. Bringing now possibility to build single network which can be securely shared between several companies which leads to huge cost improvements.

Open Hardware, Operating System, Software

No sticking to single Hardware vendor anymore
Simplified and Unified architecture
up to 4 times more cost-effective

 White box or Bare-metal switches are blank, open, standard hardware available from various vendors. Based on standard silicon chips made by Broadcom or Mellanox providing low cost but industry standard wire speed switching with high density of 10/25/40/100 Gbps Ports

Those standard switches are available from various well-established vendors. Please check our hardware guide for the list of supported switches and technical specifications. Like open-source software once revolutionized server world – open-hardware is going to revolutionize the network infrastructure world. 

Cumulus Linux is a networking-focused operating system based on normal Linux which is running on physical switches.

XCloud switch driver is running on top of Cumulus Linux communicating with XCloud controller which is available as virtual machine image or even hosted in the cloud. Unlike orchestration systems, our software which connects a switch and cloud controller are working right inside the switch that means that adding more switches into existing fabric doesn’t add computational load to the orchestration system.

XCLOUD CONDUCTOR <br>for Backhaul Networks


Simple and scalable fabric
Fast multi-path switchover
Easy to maintain and upgrade

 BGP adjacencies are running between switches, this is required to let every switch know the route to every other switch in the network. End user’s ethernet traffic is encapsulated into Layer-3 packets which is then forwarded to it’s termination point. BGP is the most scalable routing protocol which also provides freedom of connecting switches in any convenient sequence. 

   XCloud Conductor Elastic Fabric is running BGP Unnumbered ( the extension which simplifies BGP configuration ). BGP Unnumbered configuration is minimal – just need to configure proper interface name and as-number. BFD (bidirectional forwarding detection) is running together with BGP, so if for some reason communication between two switching nodes is failed but ports didn’t go down BFD will immediately detect such failure and activate switchover mechanisms.