XCLOUD Conductor
for Carrier networks

Carriers to provide Elastic Connectivity Services

Cloud-Based principles in Network Infrastructure

Freedom of choosing various Hardware Vendors

Use Cases

Providing international bandwidth/capacity in elastic way
Reselling connectivity to IP-Transit and IXP providers
Managing existing Carrier network in simple way using less resources
XCLOUD Conductor <br>for Carrier networks
  • When Carriers End Users need international connectivity services, they first negotiate with sales people, then they create a ticket for Network engineering team, then they wait from several days or weeks to get the service ready
  • Changing something in the service requires similar long lasting procedure
  • It becomes more and more complicated for network engineering to maintain the network and deliver change requests in timely manner, especially, when Carrier networks are growing in size
  • With XCloud Conductor platform Network deployment is turned into elastic network cloud ecosystem.
  • Providing intuitive web portal to Carriers end users where they can easily manage virtual circuits they require, get the price calculated automatically and services are deployed immediately.

Open Hardware, Operating System, Software

No sticking to single Hardware vendor anymore
Simplified and Unified architecture
up to 4 times more cost-effective

 White box or Bare-metal switches are blank, open, standard hardware available from various vendors. Based on standard silicon chips made by Broadcom or Mellanox providing low cost but industry standard wire speed switching with high density of 10/25/40/100 Gbps Ports

Those standard switches are available from various well-established vendors. Please check our hardware guide for the list of supported switches and technical specifications. Like open-source software once revolutionized server world – open-hardware is going to revolutionize the network infrastructure world. 

Cumulus Linux is a networking-focused operating system based on normal Linux which is running on physical switches.

XCloud switch driver is running on top of Cumulus Linux communicating with XCloud controller which is available as virtual machine image or even hosted in the cloud. Unlike orchestration systems, our software which connects a switch and cloud controller are working right inside the switch that means that adding more switches into existing fabric doesn’t add computational load to the orchestration system.

XCLOUD Conductor <br>for Carrier networks

Billing & Architecture

Integrated billing system
Flexible network architecture
Simple and scalable fabric

   XCloud Conductor is full platform which can run without any external components. Telescope is our integrated monitoring, statistics, and log collection system.

   Integrated billing system allows Carriers to define their billing models precisely and flexible. Circuits can be billed by path, by location, by region. Inter-regional circuit prices can be calculated either manually or by defined prices. Multi currency system is available with automatic currency exchange rates collection. Concept of billing cycle is important piece of cloud-based principles – end user pays lower price for longer commitment. Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly are available cycles.


   BGP adjacencies are running between switches, this is required to let every switch know the route to every other switch in the network. End user’s ethernet traffic is encapsulated into Layer-3 packets which is then forwarded to it’s termination point. BGP is the most scalable routing protocol which also provides freedom of connecting switches in any convenient sequence.