for Colocation Providers


        In this age of transformation into software-defined and cloud-based systems business owners are seeking for more efficiency and flexibility from infrastructure providers.

Simplified and Automated Network Management

for Colocation Providers

Our out-of-the-box automated solution enables colocation providers to offer additional value on top of standard rack-space and cooling in form of flexible and feature-rich shared network services.

   Our intuitive GUI helps to safely share on-premise networks of any size effortlessly with efficiency and technology leverage previously available to hyper-scale operators only.

   Reducing CapEx/OpEx up to 10X. Saving time up to 100X.

   Our 24/7/365 TAC is available by phone/e-mail/messenger/ticketing and all inquiries are directly addressed to experienced specialists acting as a single point of contact for the whole system.

We guide our customers through the whole open networking transformation journey.

  1. Demo
  2. POC & Planning
  3. First rack deployment
  4. Upgrades and migrations

Elastic cross  – connect 

Elastic cross-connect is automated approach for meet-me-room in carrier hotels.

    The platform offers customer portal from where tenants of colocation facility can manage cross-connects between each other without the need of LOA and benefit from 30seconds provisioning.

   The solution is made by integration with 3D MEMS photonic switch. A single switch can cross-connect 160 or 320 ports of dark fiber pairs in a non-blocking design.

   The whole lifecycle is managed through XCloud Networks GUI.

  Besides pushing cross-connect configuration towards photonic switch our platform actively collects telemetry information regarding light levels from every single port, telemetry information is analyzed by analytics engine and tailored alarms are sent to relevant users to accelerate preventive actions as well as to help in the troubleshooting process.

Elastic Network Services 

The platform allows to partition network fabric and allow tenants to safely setup on-demand network services through intuitive GUI.

  Tenants can elastically configure network services like a load balancer, security access control lists, virtual private network with traffic encryption across multiple locations, remote access VPN. Similarly, tenants can create multipoint Layer 2 services either for a single tenant or for multi-tenant use.

   This solution allows colocation provider to provide full service to tenants helping tenants to save time and money on building and managing network.

   The platform comes with integrated billing system which allows colocation provider to charge every tenant in accordance with the amount of service they use.

    This value-add service is utilizing open networking hardware and software helping significantly reduce costs and time spending.


Network Visibility

The platform provides easy to access and easy to setup visibility. Traffic statistics are available for every defined service plus platform visualizes relevant port status, service status or mac activity in an eye-catching way.

    Custom statistic boards can be created in a few clicks for grouping/summing for easy overview. These tools are designed to be used by network engineers, by managers and by tenants.


L3 Leaf/Spine Fabric 

L3 leaf/spine topology solves problem of west-east traffic. Fabric allows utilization of all links, avoids usage of legacy protocols like spanning tree, with almost no limits in scalability.

    Customer services such as IP-Transit, L2 VPN, Audio/Video streaming, VoIP, load balancing security access control lists, virtual private network are being transported on top of L3 fabric.

     This design allows any combination of certified and supported hardware and high availability scenario does not enforce to stick single hardware model or vendor. 




  GUI and the whole platform is designed in such a way that does not require special knowledge neither from colocation provider nor from tenant.

   And XCloud Networks guides it’s customers through the whole process from network planning to POC, to first experimental deployment then all during every upgrade and zero downtime maintenance.

Monitoring & Maintenance 

Our integrated fault prediction and detection system constantly follow telemetry information from every hardware unit.

   In case of maintenance has to be done, the device can be safely powered off after enabling maintenance mode which tells every neighboring device to re-route the traffic.

   In the event of switch replacement it should not necessarily be replaced by the same model or even same vendor, just any of validated switches with amount and types of ports you need, then network operating system can be installed automatically and configuration of previously removed switch can be automatically restored.

You can download the solution brief for Data Center Networks here.

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