XCloud Networks at AESA conference & Expo

Glendale, California
September 15-17

XCloud Networks at AESA conference & Expo

The first AESA annual conference in conjunction with Glendale Tech Week will be held from September 15-17th in The Armenian Society of Los Angeles. The expo will showcase creative startups and established companies from Armenia and the U.S. and present their extensive wealth of technology talent and world-class entrepreneurial excellence.

Join XCloud Networks at AESA annual conference and learn more about facilitating the adoption of open-networking technologies for enterprise companies and small/medium ISP beyond just hyperscalers. 

Our 5 customers keep swapping further from legacy networking into open-networking to save money, time and become more scalable.  We would share our success stories with our customers, where they have saved significant amounts of money (60-80%) on network infrastructure total cost, and network engineers’ time (90%). 

Don’t miss your chance, join us at AESA expo 2019 and explore the future of open networking!