OCP/SDN Tech Day AMSTERDAM – All About Use Cases

Haytt Place Amsterdam Airport, Rijnlanderweg 800 2132 NN, Hoofddorp Netherlands
13 Nov 2017

OCP/SDN Tech Day AMSTERDAM – All About Use Cases

OCP and SDN Tech Day Amsterdam – All About Use Cases

Following the first OCP/SDN Technology Day in May, as promised, we would like to invite you to join the 2nd OCP and SDN Tech Day Amsterdam to exchange ideas with experts/practitioners in the networking industry. Equipped with better understanding of OCP/SDN from last session, this time, we focus on use cases!

In addition, we are happy to announce that Broadcom and Open Compute Project team (OCP Fundation) will be here to share their knwoledge and experience with you. A live demo of OCP solution will also be presented to illustrate the benefits from OCP soutions to Datacenter, Could Service and Telecom.

Beside the merchant silicon trends, we will also hear from Lex Coors, CTO of Interxion to introduce the power architecture and consumption trend in datacenters.

The program we prepared consists of three main streams of topics:

Technology Stream: How does dis-aggregation model facilitate the transformation of networking? Experts from ASIC design house, orchestration platform and hardware design house will provide their perspective toward this topic.

Solutions Stream: What are the main challenges of software deployments? Professionals from network operating systems share their observation in field implementation.

Systems Stream: What are the considerations of designing future networking and datacenter infrastructure? Specialists from various fields presents their experiences to shorten your learning curve.

We look forward to your participation and share your perspectives as well.