INNOVA Case Study

INNOVA Case Study

Innova builds a cost-efficient, scalable data center and reduces operational complexities with XCloud Networks.

Innova is Leading online game publishing company that creates web services, publishes computer and mobile games, and develops 4game – a gaming platform and news portal with more than 25 million active users.

Innova swaps Cisco ACI for open-networking to build a cost-efficient, scalable data center, and to reduce operational complexities with XCloud Networks.

Article by Linda Hardesty published on SDX Central



To have a reliable network that delivers high-quality entertainment.

To reduce operational complexities and adopt a network approach that is easy to scale and manage.

To replicate and scale its infrastructure while saving money and time. 

To spend less time on troubleshooting and network change/ticket implementation and focus on business development.


Layer3 CLOS topology with routing on the host principles, taking Layer3 end-to-end between every single server.

XCloud Networks’ hardware load balancer, ACL, ACL2.0. 

XCloud Networks’ native support of open source technologies such as KVM, HAProxy, Proxmox, OpenStack, FRR, OpenVPN. It allows to handle the entire lifecycle management using single and intuitive GUI.



TCO Reduction: Switching to open networking reduced CapEx 20X, improved the operator switch ratio 3 X and OpEx 5 X.

Diversity: Opportunity to choose hardware available from 10 brands and run an Operating System that best fits their business needs.

Operational efficiency: Leveraging a ready-to-go GUI changed delivery time from 2-5 days to 2-5 mins.

Scalability: Opportunity to roll out new sites in just a few days. 

Technical Assistance: Easy access to senior level 24/7 technical assistance.