AARKI Case Study

AARKI Case Study

Aarki is a leading AD-tech company

One of the fastest growing companies in the Bay Area that uses big data to construct predictive user models for targeted advertising.

As their network was reaching the point for a necessary update they started looking into conventional solutions, but after an extensive research decided to replace their network with a more flexible model offered by XCloud Networks.

Aarki implemented solution proposed by XCloud Networks in their Hong Kong data center, planning to upgrade the 4 other locations as well. 



Build a cost-efficient and resilient network infrastructure 

Setup a vendor-agnostic solution

Manage their multi-location data center network with extreme accuracy 

Increase team productivity with improved time efficiency

Increase the ability to run their expanding network with a small team of professionals.


Leaf/Spine network based on CLOS topology managed through XCloud Software, Cumulus Linux, and Edgecore Switches 

XCloud vRouter (based on DPDK) for various networking functions that eliminate the need to buy specialized hardware.

XCloud Dashboard for centralized and automated management of the entire network infrastructure

XCloud built-in Hardware and Software based Load Balancer and Security ACLs.



Vertically and horizontally scalable network based on Leaf/Spine topology

3 fold CapEx reduction and XCloud Network Functions Virtualization

Automated configuration rollout, bulk action processes, and network health maintenance 

Additional networking features (Load Balancing, ACLs) allowing balanced and protected resource usage without a need for specialized hardware.