What is Cloud Mindset?

What is Cloud Mindset?

Cloud Mindset

In the current era of “cloud first” and “mobile first”, companies design every aspect of their products, operations and IT infrastructure in such a way so that they be flexible and efficient.

It’s no longer about big fish eating small fish but rather the fast fish outpacing the slow fish.

The Cloud Mindset helps companies become that fast and cost-efficient type of fish.

XCloud networking suite empowers people to adopt such Cloud Mindset for building and managing private network infrastructures. With Cloud Mindset any type of organization can create a private network infrastructure which solves the demands of “cloud first”, mobile first” era – Smart, Simple, Cost-Efficient and Elastic.



In the field of IT, the days of conveyor like thinking are going away fast. What was once taken for granted, now is looked upon as an outdated form of internal company operations especially in the areas of software development.

With the emergence of public cloud, there’s been a change of mindset in how applications are deployed, services delivered and overall internal and even external functioning of a company.

In fact, successive sets of mini-revolutions have taken place during last decade regarding software development practices, starting from a traditional (waterfall) type of development, to Agile and DevOPS methods.


Software development methodologies

The Waterfall model that emphasizes a logical progression of steps taken throughout software development life cycle is no longer efficient enough In the current era of constantly evolving needs and the necessity to quickly react to unforeseen changes.

Luckily new approaches to software development have been introduced that improve the deployment process specifically Agile and DevOPS methods.

Agile approach values adaptability and involvement, it breaks a large waterfall like project into individual deliverable pieces called “sprints”. This helps teams go through a similar succession but in a much faster pace.

While Agile is a better method it has some drawbacks like incompatible developed software components, untraceable deadlines, and inability to provide coordination between development and operation teams.

These issues have forced into existence a newer methodology called DevOps – a combination of Software Development, IT Operations and Quality Assurance which erased the lines that used to separate developers from production.


Mindset shift

To accommodate to DevOps methodology new features have been implemented by major public cloud companies. This approach has paved a new way of thought which we like to call as Cloud Mindset.

No longer there’s a need to follow through a rigid set of abstract ideas or adjust software to fit into a nonelastic hardware infrastructure – applications can be developed through a continuous delivery and deployment process.

This change of mindset brings tremendous leaps in the areas of software development, which are cascading down into other realms as well. Infrastructure is finally constructed in such a way so as to adapt to the ever-evolving and scalable needs of the software. Whenever a large resource for a specific part of the application is required it gets immediately fulfilled through an allocation of adaptive resources.

Network resource management is presented via programmable API which lets developers to further automate their deployment processes.

These are the important features that public cloud companies provide – a set of adjustable and scalable tools that adapt to the ever-evolving needs of software-based applications and this is what we call the cloud mindset.


XCloud solution

Imagine being able to have a fully adaptable and programmable private network infrastructure with the benefits of a public cloud. Using the newly conceptualized cloud mindset you’ll be able to write your favorite software with the latest development methodologies and programmatically adapt the network infrastructure for your own needs.

We at XCloud are using these cutting edge understandings to provide a fully elastic, simple and programmable private network infrastructure that caters to the ever-evolving needs of an IT-centric company.


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