Sofia Connect and XCloud Networks start a strategic partnership

Sofia Connect and XCloud Networks start a strategic partnership

Sofia, 28 April 2017

At Sofia connect we believe that having presence in different location is becoming a necessity for every Carrier on the market. Building such presence seems to be difficult, cost and time consuming, until now.

Sofia Connect and XCloud Networks start a strategic partnership in order to provide innovative capacity-as-a-service Virtual POP presence. The service is available in the biggest connectivity hubs around the world, where Sofia Connect have high-class network equipment deployed.

Sofia Connect has an efficient solution for all Carriers who want to grow fast on a reasonable cost, with no long-term commitment or any other hassles. Now customers could create new POP with ease within minutes by using web-based customer self-care portal. The service is highly scalable, fully manageable and easy to use and control. Billing works in cloud way, customers pay only for required amount of bandwidth for required time period.

“With Virtual POP service, we give an opportunity to our partners the flexibility and freedom to have local presence and to offer their services literally everywhere in the world” said Yuliy Nushev, CEO of Sofia Connect.

“Sofia Connect was always a company with agility and flexibility in mind. Now using XCloud Conductor Sofia Connect becomes one of just few Carriers in the world offering Innovative Capacity-as-a-Service / virtual POP product. Yes cloud-style services are entering everywhere and Sofia Connect is absolutely on the right track at the right time” said Alex Saroyan CEO of XCloud Networks.

More detailed information of XCloud Conductor platform including technical details will be announced at RIPE74 event, which will be held at the beginning of May 2017 in Budapest.

About Sofia Connect
Sofia Connect offers a raft of broadband and telecommunications services, in a sweep of North America, Central and Western European countries as well as the Balkan Area, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and Middle East The company serving both, carriers and enterprise customers. Currently the company has local offices in New York, Sofia, London, Frankfurt, Tbilisi and Varna. Sofia Connect is exclusive operator of Black Sea cable, connecting Georgia with European Union with total capacity of 12.6Tbps.

Sofia Connect website 

About XCloud Networks
XCloud Networks is a vendor of Software Defined Elastic Network Infrastructure platform called XCloud Conductor. Combining open hardware from well-known brands with Cloud-Principles XCloud Networks brings intuitive simplicity, up to 100x faster network service delivery, freedom of choosing among different Hardware vendors and up to 8x more cost-efficient network Infrastructures.

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