XCloud is the most comprehensive networking software suite that makes private infrastructures time and cost efficient.

XCloud allows an organization of any size to build scalable, CapEx efficient, and a fully functional network infrastructure based on commodity hardware.

XCloud™ dashboard provides comprehensive management of the entire network. The built-in toolset simplifies and automates daily tasks, saves engineering time and OpEx.

XCloud provides an API for CI/CD and has native integration with various software platforms.

XCloud is your essential network component when you want to build a private infrastructure with the benefits of a public cloud.

With XCloud companies:

    • build a CapEx efficient and vendor-agnostic infrastructure
      • grow their network whenever they need
    • automate operations, avoid human errors and wait time
    • 10x team productivity and reduce OpEx

To know more about XCloud, please check out our Product and recent Customer Case Study.

Alex Saroyan

CEO XCloud Networks
In my 16+ years of experience building and managing Carrier and Data Center networks I've found that proper mix of Open Equipment, Open Software, Intelligent algorithms, Smart design, Machine learning and Intent-Based would help humanity to meet exponentially growing infrastructure needs.



Automate operations, avoid human errors and wait time.


10x your team productivity and reduce OpEx.


Build a CapEx efficient and vendor-agnostic infrastructure.


Quickly grow your network from small to extra large at any time.