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Proper mix of Intent-Based principles, Open Networking and Smart Algorithms

XCloud Conductor

Intent-Based Infrastructure Platform

Value Proposition

All the crucial values in one place


Network services delivery time improved from days or weeks into minutes.


Simplified and Unified architecture. The simpler is the network more reliable it is.


Reduced TCO(total cost of ownership) + Freedom of choosing HW vendor


Network deployment is turned into elastic network cloud ecosystem.

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March 5, 2018 news

SmartGateVC invested in XCloud Networks

SmartGateVC has announced about the investment in XCloud Networks. Backed by Tim Draper and seasoned tech entrepreneurs, SmartGate is a venture capital firm targeting Armenian tech companies in Artificial Intelligence, Security and Internet of Things.    In this industry professionals like Alex usually take the career path. XCloud Networks comes with a unique combination of top level industry expertise coupled with profound entrepreneurial mindset” - says SmartGateVC founding advisor Vazgen Hakobjanyan.   “We have validated our technological approach through our innovator customers based in Europe, but still there is lots of things to do to offer 10 folds better product and cross the chasm to start acquiring early adopters. Current pre-seed investment round as well as wisdom from SmartGateVC are important components of this hard step.” - says XCloud Networks co-founder and CEO Alex Saroyan.
November 12, 2017 blog
January 11, 2018 event

NFV & Zero Touch World Congress

With NFV and the transformation to a virtualised networking platform now well underway at Carriers - and already extant at Cloud providers - the stage is now set for further transformation. With a strategic vision of Zero Touch, both Carrier and Cloud providers have an objective of full network and services Automation. Such a vision will propel the industry forward into the next phase, and help ensure that the future network will be fit for purpose - meeting the fast-moving demands of the Digital Enterprise and fully leveraging the benefits of NFV+SDN. Join us in San Jose, 24-27 April 2018, for the 4th and expanded NFV & Zero Touch World Congress